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by James Shotwell, RSSA June 28,2008
(updated Feb 10, 2009)

Medellin Real Estate

Medellin Real Estate Investments Report
The Real Estate Investments in Medellin Apartments, (Medellin Apartamentos) can be seen at construction sites in nieghborhoods like El Poblado Envigado, Belin and Laureles. The Medellin real estate investments and constrcution boom is alive and well in Colombia. While inflation is rising, and we have experienced economic problems in the USA and Europe, the Colombian economy iand they purchased. In the past Colombia has been very strong to resist worldwide economic depression cycles. While, in 2008 the pesos is stronger than it has been in 10 years against the US dollar. Business are over flowing with new international investments, and hirise building construction including apartments, houses and commercial properties. This modern real estate boom is now at one of its highest points in Colombian history. This boom is expected to continue for several years. Real Estate Development and construction is high but for many years development was not keeping up with the demand, which are good investment indicators. Look at the great values of homes offered in our Medellin Real Estate MLS, This MLS is currently under construction, while we install the database, but in the meantime try to check out our new website at Paradise Realty in Medellin, which can be found at

Medellin Penthouses
Many foreigners are investing in Medellin Penthouse Apartments. Medellin penthouse apartments in El Polbado have all the amenenities. It's a great feeling to be inside a modern penthouse apartment overlooking such a beautiful city like Medellin. You can expect to find all the modern appliances you see in a luxury condo in the United States. Medellin penthouse apartments have spectacular views of the city not only because they are on the top floor of the building but because they are located on the sides of mountains as well. On a clear day you have to pull out the camera to snap pictures for your friends. Although weather reporters don't use doppler radar here as it is not really needed, in a penthouse you will find your self looking out the window to get the weather report. Don't worry about air conditioning here in a good size apartment. The air flow and permanent spring time weather is one of the finer qualities of life.

Colombia Real Estate Investments
Colombia real estate investments, (inversiones de vivienda en Colombia) continue to be immune from the mortgage crisis in the United States. Although we all live in a world market economy, the housing market is not in a decline here in Colombia! This is because most propeties are simply paid for with cash here. The main reason for Colombia's recent success is the increase in security nationally that did not exist before the current president bought crime under control. From big multinationals to small investors who choose to retire in Colombia, the money is flowing in nonstop. Now for the first time in decades people are moving back, traveling across the country with families, and even thousands drive expensive motorcycles across the country side resembling biker conventions in the USA. You would have never seen this when the terrorist groups controlled colombia. Just this week Medellin witnessed the larges bike week ever as hundreds of Harley Davidson, and thousands of other large motorcycles cruised the streets of Medellin. Unbelievable! Security is here! People are Confident and at ease the first time in Colombian History!

El Poblado, Envigado, Laureles and Belen
The Medellin barrios El Poblado, Envigado, Laureles and Belen casas and apartamentos have crisp cool air in the evenings and morning and warm up naturally in the daytime. The spectacular views of the cities can been seen below in these arial photos. From hirise and lowrise buildings on the mountainsides you have a spectacular view of the cities mountains, and tree lined nieghborhoods. These nieghborhoods are preferred over other Medellin neighborhoods for their security. El Poblado is the most secure of the Medellin neighborhoods. Most of El Poblado, Envigado, Laureles and Belen neighborhoods are calssified in 4-6 estractos.

Medellin Neighborhoods Estratos (Districts in English)
The niehborhoods in Medellin are ranked by 'Estratos' from 1 to 6, where 6 is more expensive, secure and nicely maintained. However the difference between a 4, 5 or 6 may sometimes just be the location and have nothing to do with security. However as a foreigner (or a gringo) it is not recommended that you live in less than a Estrato 4. The Laureles and El Poblado Nieghborhoods usually have a 4 to 6 estrato (district). The higher the number the more you will pay for your utilities services each month. This includes pretty much anything to do with the government services, internet, phone, gas, electricity, trash, schooling. Contact James @ for information

Medellin Urbanizaciones
Medellin Housing developments are referred to as casas in Urbinazciones, and are under construction in and around the city in pueblos. Buy a home in Medellin, (compra de vivenda en Medellín ), its paradise! (Es Paraiso!). Many areas around the city are now safe.The pueblos in the surrounding moutain top communites are very secure now. if you like nice clean and cool air the outlying pueblos may be the place for you. Medellin Urbanizaciones are housing communities, or closed gated communities as we call them in the United States. A new house or casa will be equiped with state of the art plumbing and electrical systems. EPM, the largest phone and internet company even provides internet security web cameras so you can keep an eye on your place no matter where you are. Crime rates in the nicer nieghborhoods are lower than most of the cities in the United States.

Medellin Health Medical Care
Medellin Health care, (Medellin Salud) is one reason people are moving back from other countries to Colombia. The pre pay and premium health care policies provide better quality services than what i have experienced personally in the United States. Colombian health care has been one of my better experiences in Colombia Premium insurance coverage for me costs about 60 USD per month. I have an 8 dollar copay for emergency room visits, i can see specialists without referrals, and this includes 10 doctor visits per year. The facilities at Suramericana in the Industriales site near El Poblado are top notch new and very clean facilities. These neighborhood clinics and hospitals are better than what i have seen in US facilities. If your in a nice neighborhood then your near the best health care.

The health insurance and medical care i had been lacking in the United States has been made up for here in Colombia. Doctors earn good money here if they are specialists, but they do not make crazy money like in the United States. I believe the doctors here enjoy their jobs more and are less stressed out. If you do not have health insurance its advisable to seek basic medical assistance in a estracto 4 neighborhood in Belin or Laureles, otherwise you will notice general medical visits are 2 times more expensive in El Poblado for example. I must tell you that a health insurance in Medellin is very much worth the costs. With and Without insurance you will find fees much cheaper than in other developed countries. With a good insurance company like Suramericana you will be very surprised with the new clinics (hospitals) and great scheduling availabilites of medical specialist. Health care is an important factor to consider when looking for your new place to live. You can find more information about Suramericana here, or contact James @ James is always available to share information with anyone who is thinking about visiting or moving to Medellin.

Please feel free to contact James for help on setting up a new life in Medellin Colombia. We have great resources available in the expat community for setting up residency, new businesses, and buying properties legaly

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