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El Poblado Real Estate
Real Estate in Medellin is in the middle of a strong growth phase. The city experienced low growht for many years, so the demand is still high for new homes. Unlike the United States where growth and construction projects far exceeded the demand for new homes. You can see there are many great apartments in this neighborhood of Medellin. This is the Zona Rosa of Medellin Colombia, at which the center is called Parque Lleras. You will find at least 60 restaurants,bars and a hand full of nightclubs in this neighborhood. This part of Medellin might as well be in the United States because it is highly developed, modernized and nicely maintained. You can safely walk in this neighborhood at any time of night or day without worrying about your security, unlike many other parts of South America.

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Medellin Night Life
For a list of Medellin Restaurants in the Zona Rosa district please click here. Do not forget to see our sightseeing section to learn more about Medellin Night Life (Medellin Discotecas, Medellin Restaurants) and the Medellin Culture.

In this photo Calle 10, or 10th street in English runs diagnoly from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner. Parque Lleras and the heart of the restaurant district is directly in the middle of the screen. Vizcaya Centro Commercial or mall in English is in the upper right hand corner. The Medellin Dann Carlton hotel has the round roof top.

El Poblado Real Estate

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