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Medellin Restaurants Guide

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Direcciones y Numeros Telefonicos
Directions and Phone Numbers

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Al Rojo
Restaurante Bar
Calle 9 N.38-09
Por todo el Parque
Comida Italiana
Al Rojo IMG_4490.jpg (88kb) IMG_4492.jpg (128kb)  
Restaurant Bar
Comida Internacional

Cra. 38 Nº 8A - 32
Reservas : 266 63 07

IMG_4475.jpg (161kb) IMG_4476.jpg (126kb)  
Pizza Gourmet
Cra 37 A No. 8 - 44
Parque Lleras
Archies Medellin    
Ave Maria
Cra. 38 N. 9 A - 13
Telephone: 311 56 23
International food, live music
Prices between: $19.000 - $22.000
Discounts: 12 pm – 7 pm 40% off
Ave Maria IMG_8221.jpg (197kb) IMG_4324.jpg (171kb)  
Ay Caramba
Bar - Restaurant
Cra 37 A no 8a-60 (by Juan Valdez)
Mexican Food
Comments: Good prices
Music: Mixed
Ay Caramba    
Restaurante Bar
Cra. 38 N. 8-95
Tel: 311-7691
Comida Internacional
Barcelona Bar IMG_4486.jpg (104kb)    
Bar – Restaurant
Cra. 38 N. 8 A 42
Telephone: 311 7366
Specialty: Sushi, Steaks
Prices between: $19.000 - $25.000
Discount: 12 pm–5 pm 30% food - drinks
Bull Dog
Cra. 38 N.8-54
Tel: 311-5736
IMG_4459.jpg (181kb) IMG_4460.jpg (144kb)  
Restaurant Gourmet
Formerly the house of Colombian singer and song writter Juanes.
A real gourmet restaurant
IMG_4539.jpg (218kb) IMG_4544.jpg (147kb) IMG_4542.jpg (183kb) IMG_4536.jpg (231kb)
La Brasa Roja
Cra. 39 N. 8- 35
Telephone: 448-8899
Specialty: Chicken - Pollo
Discount: 3pm-7pm 20% Food
IMG_4425.jpg (167kb)  

Comida Rapida
Por La 10

IMG_4278.jpg (135kb)  
La Chiva Party Bus
A great time if you can get a group
of friends together. During Christmas
and the Flower festival the Chiva
buses are in high gear, and you can
see them rolling around town and
stopping at various bars and discotecas.
Chivas still run from bus terminals out to
the small towns or pueblos, and they are
packed with people.
IMG_8075.jpg (200kb)  
IMG_4426.jpg (187kb) IMG_4431.jpg (132kb) IMG_4429.jpg (140kb)  
Charcuteria Lleras
IMG_4532.jpg (101kb)  
Crepes & Waffles
Cr 36 # 10-54
Telephone: 311-5442
Between 10 and 10a
IMG_4529.jpg (241kb)  
Dejate Querer
Restarante Bar
En todo el ( parque lleras)
IMG_4568.jpg (231kb)  
Don Chingón
Taqueria -comidas Rapidas
Parque Lleras
IMG_4423.jpg (164kb)  
Fast Food, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Parque Lleras
IMG_4453.jpg (91kb)  
Dog & Burger
Calle 10 Poblado
Comidas Rapidas
IMG_8218.jpg (149kb) IMG_8217.jpg (136kb)  
El Rancho de las Palmas Parrilla Bar
Cr 38 # 19-265
Telephone: 266-6060
Folia Club
Lleras Discoteca - Night Club
IMG_4374.jpg (58kb) IMG_4373.jpg (99kb)  
Gar Bar
Restaurante Bar
Cra.39 N.8-58
Cuenta con una gran Variedad de Platos
para picar: Nachos,Empanadas,Palos de queso,Chorizos,etc.
Comidas como: Costillas BBQ,Sanduches,Esaladas,entre otros.
IMG_4421.jpg (147kb) IMG_4419.jpg (186kb)  

La Fonda del Lleras

Parrilla Bar
Telefono: 311-0946
Cra. 38 N.8-49


IMG_4455.jpg (169kb) IMG_4457.jpg (122kb) IMG_4458.jpg (147kb)  
Le Bon Cafe
Cafe Magasin
Calle 9 N.39-09
Telephone: 266-8872
Te de coca - Coca Tea (a gringo favorite)
Mi Habana
Restaurant y Cafe
Calle 9 No. 39 - 25
Comida Cubana
IMG_4381.jpg (135kb) IMG_4383.jpg (129kb)  
Brasas- shushi- Bar
Next to the parking garage and Casino
Dirección : Cl. 8A Nº 37A - 05
Reservas : 448 18 18
IMG_8064.jpg (157kb) IMG_4562.jpg (166kb)  
Il Forno
Bar – Restaurant
Address: Cll 9 N 38 09
Telephone: 311 5757
Meat and Italian food:
*Seriously Huge sandwiches.
Prices between: $13.000 - $25.000
Happy hour 12 pm – 7 pm % 40
Comments: Live Music Thur - Fri
Restaurante Bar
Cra. 38 Nº 8 - 08
Tel : 352 32 91.
Comida Mexicana

(Parque Lleras)

IMG_4462.jpg (109kb) IMG_4469.jpg (94kb) IMG_4471.jpg (182kb) IMG_4468.jpg (78kb)
Juan Valdez Café

Juan Valdez is the Colombian version of
Starbucks in the United States. Located
on the North East corner of the park.
That is the corner furthest up hill.

Le Bon is a great Cafe to meet a date at as well. Le Bon serves drinks as well. it is on the other side of the park Great way to save money on a first date.
IMG_4518.jpg (314kb)  
Lleras Town
Restaurant Bar
Cra 38 N.9a-26
Telephone: 268-6533
IMG_8219.jpg (182kb)  
Parque Lleras Por la 9
IMG_4380.jpg (171kb) IMG_4382.jpg (279kb)  
La Martinera
Restaurante café- Bar
Cra. 39 N.8-71
Tel: 266-2480
Comida Internacional y Coctelería
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IMG_4414.jpg (167kb) IMG_4413.jpg (164kb)  
Mario Brothers
Comida Rapida
Calle 10
IMG_8214.jpg (247kb)    
Melodie Lounge
Martinis y Wraps

Dirección : Cra. 37 Nº 10 - 29
Reservas :268 11 90

IMG_4575.jpg (123kb) IMG_4577.jpg (124kb)  
Restaurante & Bar de Vinos

Comida del Mundo

Dirección : Cll. 8A Nº 37 - 20
Tel : 352 59 09

IMG_4552.jpg (187kb) IMG_4557.jpg (176kb) IMG_4558.jpg (57kb)  
Mr. Cocktail
Bar Discoteca
Calle 9a N.38-26
IMG_4340.jpg (121kb) IMG_4344.jpg (136kb) IMG_4349.jpg (128kb)  
Niagara - la casa de los cinco puertos
Parque Lleras
Across from Triada on the corner
The last survivor of poblados past
IMG_4433.jpg (153kb) IMG_4439.jpg (141kb) IMG_4440.jpg (57kb)  
Bar – Restaurant
Cra 39 8-100
Telephone: 3520187
Specialty: Spanish Food
Prices between: Less than $20.000
Good wine, open air atmosphere
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IMG_4392.jpg (213kb) IMG_4399.jpg (163kb)  
Pizza 1969 Gourmet
CALLE 9A No. 37 – 56
New to Medellin, Great pizza chain
from Bogotá.
IMG_4303.jpg (133kb) IMG_4308.jpg (156kb) IMG_4522.jpg (153kb)  
Pappa Brassa
Restaurant Bar
IMG_4535.jpg (159kb)  
Pub Escocia (Scotish Pub)
Restaurant Bar
Cra 37A 8A 43
Tel: 311-5607
Comida Internacional
IMG_4511.jpg (169kb) IMG_4513.jpg (209kb) IMG_4516.jpg (113kb) IMG_4514.jpg (61kb)
El Loco Carnal
Comida Rapida, Mexicana
Good food late at night when your drunk.
IMG_4376.jpg (184kb)  
San Carbón
Parrilla Bar
Calle 9 N.37a-13
IMG_4504.jpg (202kb) IMG_4499.jpg (78kb) IMG_4501.jpg (126kb)  
Comidas Rapidas
En la Calle 10, On 10th up from
IMG_8213.jpg (238kb)  
Sushi To Go
On the Park next to Mr. Cocktail
Parque Lleras
IMG_4372.jpg (84kb) IMG_4370.jpg (97kb) IMG_4367.jpg (82kb) IMG_4363.jpg (162kb)
Bar – Restaurant
Address: Cll 9 A N. 37 – 40
Telephone: 311 56 39
Thai food
Prices between: $17.000 - $20.000
Discounts: 12 pm – 7 pm %50 off,
3 for 1 cocktails, 2 * 1 aguardiente, rum and beer.

IMG_4293.jpg (161kb) IMG_4302.jpg (192kb)    
La Tienda
En todo el Parque Lleras
IMG_4377.jpg (174kb)  
Three Lines
Restaurante Bar
IMG_4404.jpg (154kb) IMG_4403.jpg (175kb)    
Restaurante Bar
IMG_4406.jpg (94kb)  
Bar – Restaurant
Cra. 38 N. 8 – 20
Telephone: 311 5781
Specialty: The place, International Food
Prices between: $6.400 - $35.000
There also night clubs on the second
floor and 3rd . Mixed Music - Very good steaks
IMG_4449.jpg (176kb) IMG_4441.jpg (127kb) IMG_4442.jpg (130kb)  
El Trio
Comida Rapida, 3 Restaurantes en 1
Megadog, Taco Loco, y Maxi Burger
IMG_4376.jpg (184kb)  
Billing Alert:
Keep an eye on the costs or you will end up paying 30-50% more. Tips are 8% if they are included, and are called PROPINA in spanish. Taxes are 15% if they are listed on the bill, and referred to as IVA. Tips and taxes are usually included in the nicer restaurants, however outside of El Poblado you will notice many places do not include propina / tips. For what its worth when propina is included waiters do not get much of this as it is usually split between management and waiters. What you give the waiter directly in addition to any bill is what they get to keep.

Some waiters will inflate prices for tourists.
Always get an official receipt with the details itemized. In my 3 years here we have noticed this seems to happen more at night time when people are drinking. Although, I have received emails since posting this page regarding daytime scams as well. Clever waiters usually think they can pull a quick one on a tourist confused by the exchange rate, or soemone not paying attention. Although not a pleasant experience just tell them to bring the detailed bill, (por favor traer mi la factura con los detalles) or ask for the manager. (Quiero hablar con el administrador). They will always correct the bill when challenged. Your experience will vary depending on who your waiter is. We have had reports of bill problems with Augapanelas and Orleans, which were both corrected after challenging the waiters.
Parque Lleras
Quite Morning
IMG_8222.jpg (208kb) IMG_4379.jpg (167kb)

Medellin Restaurantes - Comida Tipica

Medellin Restaurants - Typical Colombian Food

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