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Colombia Real Estate
Medellin Colombia commercial real estate construction has sky rocketed along with commercial building. 1 dozen new malls or centro commercials have been built in the last couple years. Medellin is bustling i with activity. You can see one of the metro rail stations below in this picture. in the upper left hand corner you can see the discount mall Punto Clave. The highway on this bridge is Calle 30, and below the bridge is Avenida Las Vegas. The brand new Clinca Sur Americana Industriales site is adjacent to Punto Clave. This is a state of the art hospital which cators specifically to people that have Sur Americana Policies, and Susalud Prepago Insurance. To see Punto Clave and Suramericana Industriales on the google map click here

Health Care Retirement Costs Savings
Health care is one of the highest costs to consider as one moves into retirementI am not a spokesperson for SurAmericana but as a citizen of the United States i am very disgusted by what has happened to health insurance coverage in the United States. It is nice to finally get quality health care at an affordable price. I pay Suramericana 115,000 pesos (65 USD) per month. I can see experts directly, emergency room visits cost me a copay of about 8 bucks, and i dont have to wait usually more than 2 days to see an expert. I have had friends who have had heart surgery, and other organs worked on for various reasons. These people later went on to the United States and were reviewed by their doctors at home who all said the doctors and surgeons here did a perfect job.

Choosing a new Apartment or House in Medellin is a big step if its your first home outside your home country. Be assured that the medical services available here is very good. Just don't pick a place on the side of the street without doing your research. That's why having a premium insurance plan such as Suramericana is important. Your always dealing with great doctors in the best clinics and hospitals. If you relocate to Medellin Colombia you will be happy with Medical service here, and a quality of life that may have been out of reach for you in the United States, if that is where you are coming from. For more information about life in Colombia please contact james @

Medellin Commercial Real Estate

Medellin Commercial Real Estate - Commercial Construction
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