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All the apartments in Medellin within El Poblado look over neighborhoods filled with trees. Look at the high number of trees and parks in this photo. A true dedication to keeping the city green is doing well. A new bus system being put in by the city is going to run on natural gas, and not on deisel. Higher floor apartments or apartments further up the hill in Medellin have cleaner mountain crips air.

Enjoy a luxury visit in Furnished Penthouses, Furnished Apartments or Condos.

Moving to Medellin? Want to be a resident in Medellin?
Here are some good reasons to move to Medellin Colombia:

  • The people here are beautiful, warm and friendly culture who originally came from Spain in the 1500's.
  • Another reason to pick Medellin as a new home is the quality low cost and accessable health and dental.
  • More Secure than a number of US Cities
  • Very Clean and well maintained streets and neighborhoods
  • Large Metropolitan area - 3.3 million people
  • Since 2000 the murder rate has dropped 90% and is now less than some US cities
  • Colombia is the United State biggest ally in Central and South America and not an ally of Venezuela
  • Medellin residents (paisas) are friendlier than in other parts of Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and most of the Caribbean
  • Medellin does not suffer from any natural weather disasters such as hurricanes, snow storms, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis etc.

    Colombia Visas:
    If you have questions about setting up residency in Colombia as a foreigner you can contact us. We are glad to share what we know about this process with you.
    Send an email to us on our form at http://www.MedellinApartments.INFO/index-4.html, or visit www.ColombiaVisas.com click here.


  • South View Medelllin Apartments

    South View of Medellin Apartments from Avenida El Poblado con Calle 10 - South View  29 of 36   

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