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Spectacular view of Residential Apartments in Medellin. This is the El Poblado nieghborhood or barrio North West corner. As you can see from this view El Poblado is not over developed yet. There are many trees and beautiful sections of El Poblado. The misty mountain air and rains provide the plants with the perfect amount of humidity. Medellin is not as humid as the coastal areas. Due to the elevation being near 5,000 feet, Medellin has an average year round temperature of 74 degrees.

The apartments here in Medellin do not need air conditioning, A nice cross breeze will keep you cool during the entire day. As a matter of fact in the morning or at night you may find your self using a light jacket. As the sun comes up in the morning things get warm again. If your in the shade your apartment can nice and cool until 11am at which time it will start to warm up a bit.

If your trying to pick a new city to live in Medellin is much cheaper than Cartegena because you don't need air conditioning. Electricity can be expensive in Colombia as in the rest of South America. You always want to be sure that apartments have gas stoves, and gas powered clothes dryers. Many people just hang clothes out to dry in their laundry rooms or balconies. If you have an apartment in Medellin you know that a nice porch is great for parties but also doubles as a free way to dry your clothes.

Medellin News:

Sustaining the Medellin Miracle

Article | MEDELLIN, Colombia -- This labyrinthine metropolis transformed over the course of a decade from a battlefield of drug lords, paramilitaries and leftist guerrillas into one of the safest, most dynamic cities in Latin America. Visionary inner-city renewal projects and a push to take back the lawles...

Colombia: Vacation Wonderland
Anthony Bourdain's special on Medellin Colombia. Bourdain is a famous chef, world traveler, best selling author and has a great show on the travel channel. His show will air on the travel channel on July 11, 2008. For more on his special on Medellin Colombia click here

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Medellin Apartaments as seen from the air - Una Vista Norte del El Poblado  31 of 36   

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